How big are the teepee's?

Our teepee beds are 75cm wide, 100cm tall, and if under 10yrs 140cm long,

if over 10yrs or for adults then 170cm long.


Do the children/adults keep anything?

No, unfortunately not, everything supplied is for hire only, but our customers can use and enjoy everything we supply for a magical night. 


How much room will I need? 

This depends on how many teepee beds you require, please see the teepee sizes above for reference. We can arrange in any order to ensure they fit and you are more than welcome to send me an image of the room so I can advise. Moving furniture out of the room can help with space.

How much do your Teepees cost? 

Please check out our Prices and Offers Page. 

How does it all work?

It's really simple, you choose your theme, Product/Service, and we do the rest. We come and set everything up ready for you, then return the following day to collect everything, leaving you with absolutely nothing at all to do.


Do you take a deposit?

Yes, we take a minimum of 25% deposit for all bookings to save and secure your date, the remaining balance can then be paid 14 days prior to the sleepover.


Is everything clean?

Absolutely yes. We take hygiene extremely seriously at The magical teepee company. Every piece of linen is washed with non-bio tablets, dried professionally ironed after each use. All the equipment is then washed down and cleaned with Milton after each use and all drinking bottles and cups are soaked and sterilised after each use. Please let us know of any allergies to washing powders and we will ensure this isn't used.

My child has an allergy?

That is no problem at all. As an allergy mum myself I take allergy and dietary requirements extremely seriously, I'm educated and will always ensure an alternative is available so no little one needs to miss out.


How do I book? 

Please check your date is available by getting in touch with us, via Facebook, Instagram, website or Email, once we have confirmed your date, head over to our website at www.themagicalteepeecompany.co.uk and fill in the booking form, we shall then send over an invoice detailing the booking and deposit information and as soon as the deposit is received you are then all booked in.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Greater Manchester, and all our prices as seen on the website are inclusive of all areas in and around Manchester for up to 20 miles. We can travel out of the area for an additional fuel cost of 40 pence per mile. Please note a minimum booking value is applicable on all out-of-area events. 

What time do you come?

We set up between 9 am and 5 pm and collect from 10 am and 4 pm. Times will vary due to other parties and travelling however I do always try to ensure that we come at a time that suits you. We will always contact you 7 days before to confirm and arrange times. .

How many can you cater for? 

You can book as many as you like and as many as the room/room's will fit. The minimum amount is 2 as it's always much better to have a sleepover in our teepee beds with a friend.


Can we buy some of the items you supply?

Most of our items are bespoke and not available in the shops however I can source and sell some items like eye masks, teddies, some cushions, plush toys for the children to keep. You also have the options to purchase our Extras which are yours to keep. 

Do you offer extras?

Yes, we do, we have a wide range of different packages available to suit all interests. Pamper Parties, build a bear, Personalised PJ's / Items, donut walls, movie night packs, breakfast packs, disco light, chocolate fondue, etc to name a few, please see our extras on the homepage. 


Are the tables included? 

Yes, everything below is standard with all our themes and included. 

 Do you use blow-up/air beds?

No, we don't. Personally, I don't think they are safe, reliable, or hygienic for children or adults to use, we all know the first thing the little ones will do is jump on them and dive straight in and for that reason to ensure no injuries are caused or parties being ruined by deflation or popping we only use and supply soft thick comfortable memory foam mattresses. They come with a protective cover that is washed after each use, are hyperallergic, fire regulated, and with a home from home, comfort ensuring maximum sleep is achieved. 


Do you stay with the teepees?

No, we come and set everything up, then leave again so you can enjoy them on your own, only returning the following day to collect everything.

Do I need to buy anything? 

No, we supply everything needed for the ultimate party and sleepover, please check out our Extras

Do I need to wash anything?

No, absolutely not, that is our job. So enjoy our products, have the most magical night, and let us take care of the cleaning and washing

Can I hire the bell tent in winter?

Yes, you can but only for day hire. Our great British weather during winter months will leave you cold during a sleepover so we only hire our magical bell out for overnight stays during the months of April and September and then between Oct and March we only offer day hires.

How much space do I need for the Bell Tent?

We need a minimum of 5.5 meters by 5.5. meters grassed area. Please note our Bell tents are not suitable for lagged, concrete, or other hard surfaces. We can erect the tent on astroturf providing underneath is a soft grounded area and not flagged / concrete, but note as the tent is pegged into the ground this will create small holes.

Bell Tent - What happens if it rains?

Our bell tents are fully waterproof and have a hydrostatic head rating of 3000, which means they can withstand heavy rain. However, we do ask that the bell tent doors are fully closed if it rains to prevent your event from being ruined.